Beaufort Sea

Throughout August of 2018, I’ll be posting observations from the R/V Sikuliaq in the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Seas. To the see the latest, click on Posts in the sidebar, or use the links below. To see posts and images from previous Sikuliaq cruises, click on R/V Sikuliaq in the sidebar. If you like what you see, please share.

August 1: This is Not About That, Not Yet

August 2: MOBE Day

August 3: Transit / Transition

August 4: Because Gliders

August 5: Risk and Reward

August 6: Sea Ice and Walrus

August 7: Portals

August 8: We Look. We Find.

August 9: Then We Wait

August 10: All Hands (an interlude)

August 11: That Old Hardware (extended interlude)

August 12: The Colors Does It

August 13: The Larvaceans

August 14: Polar Bears

August 15: Green Room

August 17: Night of the CTD

August 18: A Fishing Trip

August 19: The Thing Not Moving

August 22: Music is Not Made for the Adventure

You can also follow the R/V Sikuliaq @rmtopp & @Sikuliaq on Twitter and @toppworld on Instagram and @R/V Sikuliaq on Instagram and Facebook. To further chart the course of this August 2018 expedition, look up Arctic Winds, Fish, Fins, and Feathers on Facebook.


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